Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ok, Head

Having been tagged with this, ok, let's see...

1. Every so often I get an incredible craving for fries. Fresh, hot, crisp ones. Like the ones at Outback in the cheese fries.
Dammit, that made me hungry.

2. In junior high, I decided to fill in a biology exam 'appropriately'. According to my sense of things. Unfortunately the teacher did not enjoy embellishments like spelling 'jellyfish' with shaky letters.

3. Attempting to teach myself something of oriental martial arts- with no books or lessons(except for Kung Fu) I once, on a high kick, hooked my heel over the clothesline. It stayed up there. Until the wire bobbed back up and that leg levered the other off the ground. You know that sound effect of someone hitting the ground flat on their back? It really does sound like that.

4. I once tried to talk someone out of suicide. It didn't work.

5. Did you know that if you pick up a piece of steel that's hot enough, you really do hear a sizzle?
I learned that. Once.

6. My daughter once noted that if I were missing, she'd have a real easy time listing identifying scars and marks. No tattoos, though.

But I'm not passing it on, I have quite enough people who don't like me already.

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