Sunday, November 27, 2005

The wind was indeed sweeping down the plain,

and taking anything not nailed or tied down with it. Straight winds in the 30's and gusts of more than 50mph earlier; it's calmed down now, but 'till we get some rain the fire danger is bloody awful here.

Just general notes of things picked up today,

MADD activists have no damn business helping staff checkpoints. The group has changed from one with a legitimate aim to a bunch of nannies who want to control people. Wizbang noted this here: check out the second comment.

There was something of a noise a while back about some twins who sing and are big in the white supremacist movement. Dean Esmay notes that he's used to musicians and a lot of others in the entertainment industry being suckups to dictators(think Carlos Santana wearing a Che' shirt in front of a bunch of Cuban musicians). I've wondered why we haven't heard of some of these clowns wearing a Hitler shirt; after all, they like to cheer Castro and Stalin and company. However, from this, some of them seem to be getting over their aversion to the Nazis; after all, they were socialists so how bad could they have been?

Let's see, Bitch Sheehan is back in Texas with very few buttmonkeys backing her up(amazing what criticizing Hillary does for ones pull on the left, isn't it?). I like this; they had a 'traditional Iraqi meal' for Thanksgiving, saying "They said they wanted to call attention to the innocent Iraqi victims in addition to the more than 2,100 U.S. soldiers killed since the war began in March 2003. " I wonder if they give a rats ass for the innocent Iraqis murdered by the tens of thousands by Saddam before we took him out?

In the foreign moonbats(Canadian division), we have this. The Canadian military used to be one of the best forces in the world, now they're one of the most crapped-upon by idiots like this...

Oh Lord, look what Kevin found at Curmudgeonly & Skeptical!

And Schumer and company(socialist weenie divison) are at it again, check this out at Riverdog.

And Steve did make it to the range!

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