Friday, July 01, 2005

I don't know if the fork is just going deeper,

or if it's getting bigger, but unless something changes real soon, Britain is done. Which I'm very sad to say.

In support of this I link to the following:
From Kim, a district council is going to monitor recycling so it can 'advise' people how to do better; probably by threatening them with fines or arrest.

Also from Kim, a report from the 'handguns are banned' Britain about one of the latest shootings.

From The Policeman's Blog, this story about a man being beaten to death by some teenage wastes of oxygen for refusing to give them a light.
As further evidence, just read the Policeman's blog, period. Screwed up as things can be over here, it ain't NOTHIN' like it is over there. Places like San Francisco excepted.

For a variety of reasons I hate to see crap like this, because it happens when the people of the place allow it to happen, and their government wants it to happen. Not everyone, of course, but enough people go along with what the government orders and enough politicians and bureaucrats do it for whatever reasons. Oh, the Houses of Lords and Commons probably don't specifically want people being beaten to death by thugs, and don't actually want people in terror of thugs because the honest people aren't allowed to defend themselves; but they must want something out of it. Maybe it's as simple as power; so many of them want total control over everyone and don't care what happens to the peasants as long as the government gets that power and holds it. After all, they're the wise ones, don't you know? and once they have proper control of your lives, all will be well. Except for that pesky loss-of-freedom thing, but you'll be taken care of, so it'll all be worth it, correct?

Thought experiment: if Britain decided to have a Constitutional Convention, what would happen? If not the politicians and bureaucrats but the(I started to say 'citazens') Subjects of the Crown actually had the say, what would come out of it? I wonder...


Anonymous said...

Irons -
I need to contact you regarding the BSA parts post and contacting the guy in England. How do I pass my email address to you. Thanks.

H2SO4 said...

It is sad to see Jolly old England going down the crapper, but they have done it to themselves by electing the socialist to govern them. If I were a native of that country, I would do anything I could find to do to earn enough money to get the F out of there. They at least haven't lost that freedom yet.

Firehand said...

Hallam's address in Britain is
classicgunco-at-dial period pipex period com.

If need to get hold of me directly can send to elmtreeforge-at-aol period com