Saturday, January 01, 2005

Ok, this is getting rediculous

After freezing everything with lows in the single digits and highs in the low 20's, the last few days have been 50's, 60's and I think it was 70 today. Supposedly with a chance of rain today, but all we had was a sprinkle.
It's supposed to be in the 60's for highs till Wednesday, when it turns cold again for the next while.

Oklahoma weather can be weird.

Bright side is I've been able to ride the bike to work the last few days, and got some yard work taken care of today. Also got some work done on an axe. It's the second Viking-style axe I've made, and I finally got most of the shaping work done on the haft. Once it's fitted properly, I can do some test cutting to make sure it holds up as it should. Can't decide whether to put this one up for sale at Med-Fair, or keep it.

A friend showed me a sword he'd bought a couple of years ago, a double-edged broadsword blade with a simple, clean basket hilt. Lovely piece, apparently called an 'Irish sword' even though most examples were found in Scotland. In either case, I wanted one. A couple of days ago, finally having some money clear, I checked where he'd found it, and the no longer have it. So I checked around and found a place called The Pirate's Treasure which has some very nice stuff. Including, yay, the Irish sword! So I sent and asked if they had the scabbard for it also, and was informed that they haven't had that model in a year, it's not being made anymore. Dammit. If I want one like that, looks like I'll have to make it.

Tomorrow depends on the weather, we'll see if it rains any tonight.

Ref the tsunami, I'd thought that 150,000 might be the high end of the dead; it looks like it may actually go higher.
Here's the American Jewish World Services site, good place to contribute to relief.

Oh, and to anyone in the U.N., Instapundit linked to several folks who've tracked the amount of money that the U.S. has given- so far. Not the U.S. Government, WE THE PEOPLE have given. Check out the numbers, and tell the U.N. to kiss your American ass. We don't have to have the government tax us to death to do something about a problem; we do it ourselves. Oh, and those numbers? They don't include the ships and aircraft and personnel and so forth that are there or going there to help out. Let's see, Marine landing ships with surgical facilities and hospital beds and dentists? Ships that can produce hundreds of thousands of gallons of clean water a day? Planes and people flying in everything from water to food to doctors to medicine? How much do you think that adds up to?

Mr. Egeland and Ms. Short? FOAD, weenies.

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