Monday, August 03, 2020

Gave a friend a few rounds of the subsonic .223 to try

He came back giggling and wanting more to mess with.


Ed said...

I’m guessing he had a can to shoot them through. Always fun.

Firehand said...

This time just compared it to standards, and with muffs on it was nothing. When I can load some more(I need to tell him to come up with some bullets) he wants to run it through one a friend has. He's going to love it.

Old Tech said...

Are these the same sub sonic rounds developed on a small farm in Western Saskatchewan about twenty years ago? Once the fellows applied for a patent, the RCMP showed up and grabbed everything then left.

Firehand said...

No idea, I'd never heard of that. Which is awful.

Old Tech said...

They were friends of an associate of mine. As they had various kinds of livestock, they as most all farmers do, would carry a 22-250 in the pickup when checking fields. Coyotes being what they are, would run to the far end of the quarter and right before ducking under the fence or in to the ditch, would turn and look back, and that is normally when your silhouette would triple in size and it was time to pull. With the subsonic rounds, you had an opportunity to have a decent shot at a second one before they would run off. Anyway, these farmers had spent a fair amount of time (they are quite talented machinists in their own right) developing the round that would leave a minimal report - they also did their own reloading. Once they had it sorted out, a few other locals would buy a few rounds to help protect their livestock operation and one suggested they apply for a caveat (precursor to applying for patent license).
Then one day the cops showed up, grabbed everything and apparently told them to not repeat this or anything like it in the future. I do not know if they also grabbed the reloading stuff, either way it is terrible.
That happened in the 90's, and even after looking through stuff on the net, I can't find anything.
Mind you I can't even locate the patent I sold in the 80's.