Monday, March 16, 2020

I haven't posted much on shooting lately

simply because the weather has been overall sucky, and time has been insufficient for any real range trips.  And general "I fired 'x' many 9mm/.22/.45/whatever at a target" isn't exactly interesting reading.

Now they're talking about off & on showers and some storms throughout most of the week...  Yuck.

By the way, couple of days ago a local news weenie was talking about the forecast and popped out with '...and some scattered thunderstorms, some may be severe with small hail and strong winds.'
What the hell?
Since when, in Oklahoma in spring, has 'small hail and strong winds' become a friggin' severe storm?

Throw in watching people- far too many of them- lose their damn minds because "VIRUS!  WE'LL ALL DIE IF I DON'T BUY ENOUGH STUFF!!"... 

And it's too early to start drinking.

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SSG Mac said...

It's NEVER too early to start drinking...