Tuesday, October 22, 2019

First, Police Chief Mark Saloio and the rest of the Stasi involved in this

are disgraces to the title Peace Officer.*

Second, the idiot waitress who reported him as a 'possible threat' should be shunned by every customer.

Third, this is the kind of shit 'Red Flag' laws lead to.

*It's the People's Republic of MA, and the kind of jackbooted thug behavior we've come to expect hearing about from the Stasi there.

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Spin said...

I find it telling that the NRA-ILA is the source of the story. I also find it telling that the NRA-ILA have top men, top men I tell you, monitoring the situation. You think that they would be proposing legislation to repeal Red Flag laws in MA or helping get a Federal Judge to issue a bench warrant for the "theft under the color of law" of this mans property. NRA you want your membership back, back a gun owner sometime.