Wednesday, November 30, 2016

They were warned, and they didn't care

Now looks like it'll bite them in the ass, and 'We regret that.'
Senator Chris Coons (D., Del.) said on CNN Tuesday that he regrets the rule change Senate Democrats made to the nomination process.

“The filibuster no longer acts as an emergency brake on the nomination,” Coons said.
Next it'll be "It's up to Republicans to not take unfair advantage of this, to reach across the isle and let us block their nominations."


lab guy said...

Trump is no civil libertarian, but I hope he can kick enough cuckservatives in the nuts to get something done now that they have a majority. If we get nothing but decent SCOTUS appointments that will be a success.

I'm tired of Team R doing nothing when they have a meaningful majority and making excuses for failures. Then they wonder why most people don't vote.

Firehand said...

They're not known as the Stupid Party for nothing