Tuesday, June 28, 2016

'Fourth Generation War Comes To America: What Are You Going To Do About It?'

Good piece at Michael Yon's place.
Yes, there are arguments with the 'sheepdog' idea, and Grossman has had some serious arguments made about some of his work.  Basic stuff is still good.  It's like Gavin de Becker: his book The Gift of Fear is good, just ignore the "Only trained professionals should use guns" crap.

One more reason to get rid of the EPA.  Remember that story about the USGS lab?
The top scientific integrity official at a federal agency that informs U.S. energy policy quietly departed this month, and the agency says that has nothing to do with a government report released around the same time that detailed widespread scientific misconduct at an agency lab.

Dr. Alan Thornhill left his post as the director of the U.S. Geological Survey’s office of scientific quality and integrity (OSQI) a few weeks ago. He took over as director of the Environmental Protection Agency’s western ecology division on June 12, according to his Facebook page.

That was just three days before the Interior Department’s inspector general, which oversees USGS, released a report that criticized the scientific integrity of work at one of the agency’s labs.
But it's all coincidence, NOTHING to do with the report, nooo.....

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KM said...

Well we can thank our lucky stars that Thornhill is still on the govt payroll.
Even a fucking leech will fall off on its own at some point, but not a govt employee.