Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Who's in the White House?


I know but I can't help it. For a while early this morning, before I checked results, I had the same sick feeling in my middle I had when Carter won in 1976. And then I checked, and for a moment, I was in a state of grace.

Oh, yeah. Popular vote and electoral votes both. And Kerry/Edwards don't have the cojones or integrity to concede. But they will.

And, according to the news, the Republican party picked up seats in the House and Senate both. Hot damn! That this includes Tom Daschle being kicked in the short & curlies just makes it even better.

Note: the Republican party does not own my vote. Problem is, most conservative/libertarian politicians are there, so that's often who I wind up voting for.

Damn, on news like this, I should buy a new gun. Something with a bayonet lug, I think...

(and ammo, lots of ammo)

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